What is Nytel?

Nytel is a revolutionary concept launched by Krishna Prosperity Pvt. Ltd. to change the way of doing business by using most effective tool of telephony. It works on cloud telephony platform. With Nytel virtual number you can greet your customer professionally, record all your calls , maintain a database, track your enquiry, never miss a call which may be a potential lead for you and many more.

How it works?

It is very easy to get started:

STEP 1: First get your account and number activated after completing documentation and payment. Once you signup, you will be assigned a landline phone number/mobile number for example 9555227227 and access to Nytel Admin Portal for you to setup your own IVR.

STEP 2: We suggest that you create an organization chart with departments such as Sales, Support, etc. Each department having concerned person's number configured accordingly.

STEP 3: Now setup your Nytel by logging into your account at nytel.co.in. Create a welcome greeting for your company such as 'Welcome to Krishna Prosperity'. Create an auto response team with department options such as Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts etc. Once the IVR is set, add employees to these departments to receive calls.

Congrats!! Your Nytel is now activated.

Publish this number on your business cards, website etc. for customers to reach you and your team. Now when a customer calls your Nytel number, he will be greeted and provided options to choose the department he wants to reach. Once a department is selected, Nytel will try phone numbers listed in that department one after the other based on priority or in round robin to connect the calls. If call is not answered, it will be sent to voicemail and the concern team will be alerted through an SMS.

There is no limit on number of phones or mobile numbers or departments you can add to Nytel, similarly there is no limitation on number of concurrent calls. Nytel is very flexible and customizable. It will take care of all your business calls received for your firm. You will never have to think about how many incoming lines or how many extensions PBX you should go for. Nytel can later be expanded as per your business requirements. You can opt to enable call recordings & analysis, thus having a better track of your business communication.

Where it is used?

Real Estate

Hotels & Restaurants




Educational Institutes

Financial Institutions


Consumer Durable Companies and many more……

Why Nytel will be used?

Zero Initial Investment

Work from any location as no physical setup is required

Zero Maintenance or Software Renewal

API sharing for any application running at your end

User friendly and easy to access Web Panel with detailed MIS and Reporting

Very economical and scalable model

Zero redundancy and 99% uptime

100% data security